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                                                    Two tribal ladies stand tall togetherTwo tribal ladies stand tall togetherTwo tribal ladies stand tall togetherTwo tribal ladies stand tall togetherTwo tribal ladies stand tall together

                                                    Survival International

                                                    For tribes, for nature, for all humanity

                                                    From the Amazon to the Kalahari, from the jungles of India to the Congo rainforest, we work in partnership with tribal peoples to protect their lives and land. They suffer racism, land theft, forced development and genocidal violence just because they live differently. It must stop.

                                                    Support the movement

                                                    疯狂牛牛We reject money from governments and shady corporations so our integrity is never compromised. We rely entirely on your donations – without you, there can be no Survival.

                                                    Tribal man holding bow and arrowTribal man holding bow and arrowTribal man holding bow and arrowTribal man holding bow and arrowTribal man holding bow and arrow

                                                    What we do

                                                    We fight for tribal peoples’ survival. We stop loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives and livelihoods across the globe. We lobby governments to recognise indigenous land rights. We document and expose the atrocities committed against tribal people and take direct action to stop them.

                                                    We give tribal peoples a platform to speak to the world. We’ve had over 200 victories since 1969, but our work is far from over and we need your help.

                                                    Find out more

                                                    Join the mailing list

                                                    疯狂牛牛More than one hundred and fifty million men, women and children in over sixty countries live in tribal societies. Find out more about them and the struggles they’re facing: sign up to our mailing list for occasional updates.

                                                    Protestors with placardsProtestors with placardsProtestors with placardsProtestors with placardsProtestors with placards

                                                    Get involved

                                                    You can help prevent genocide, put an end to logging and mining on tribal lands, and stop government violence and oppression.

                                                    Find out more
                                                    Tribal family in the forestTribal family in the forestTribal family in the forestTribal family in the forestTribal family in the forest

                                                    Our vision is a world where tribal peoples are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected.

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